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Date Of Arrival 15th June 2015

Label:Badman Records

EAN code:709363699318

Vinyl debut of the album “Rock N Roll Singer” by Mark Kozelek. Single LP. On 180 gram vinyl.

  • Vinyl debut of the  album “Rock N Roll Singer” by Mark Kozelek.
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • On Black vinyl
  • Single LP Edition
  • First Time On Vinyl

Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer is the debut solo album from Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek. The seven song album was released on CD in 2000 while Kozelek’s final album with his previous band Red House Painters was in limbo with record label mergers.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer features three original songs, three completely deconstructed AC/DC covers (these versions are not found elsewhere) and a John Denver remake. Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer has sold over 25,000 copies in the U.S. This is the first pressing on vinyl.

1. Find Me, Ruben Olivares
2. Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer
3. You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me
4. Metropol 47
5. Around and Around
6. Bad Boy Boogie
7. Ruth Marie

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