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Lakeshore Records ‎– LKS349472, Netflix ‎– LKS349472
2 × Vinyl, LP, Red, Black and Blue Starburst


A1 Hopper Sneaks In 1:38
A2 I Know What I Saw 2:43
A3 Rolling Out The Pool 1:12
A4 Over 1:38
A5 Gearing Up 1:57
A6 Flickering 0:46
A7 First Kiss 1:46
A8 Crying 1:16
A9 Walking Down The Tracks 0:54
A10 Where’s Barb ? 1:57
A11 Speak Of The Devil 2:49
B1 Danger Danger 2:57
B2 Tribulations 1:13
B3 Flashback 1:37
B4 Kids Too 2:56
B5 Talking To Australia 0:59
B6 Night Of The Seventh 1:35
B7 See Any Rain ? 0:41
B8 Coffee & Contemplation 1:12
B9 Inside The Back Room 1:27
B10 Starts To Rain 1:33
B11 Eleven Is Gone 1:54
C1 Time For A 187 0:57
C2 Something In The House 2:08
C3 Still Pretty 1:50
C4 Abilities 1:32
C5 Tendril 0:26
C6 They Found Us 3:00
C7 Bad Men 1:06
C8 Spiked Bat 1:17
C9 Making Contact 2:01
C10 What Do You Know ? 1:54
C11 It’s Not My Boy 2:07
D1 Something In The Wall 1:35
D2 Let’s Go 0:38
D3 Leap Of Faith 3:30
D4 In Pursuit 2:17
D5 Breaking And Entering 4:52
D6 Stranger Things (Extended)


Collectors Edition in gatefold sleeve.

Sticker on front says:
“Grammy nominated soundtrack!
Red, black, and blue starburst colored vinyl!
Includes poster and 5 postcards!
Double LP

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