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Date Of Arrival : Sept 2019

■ Release date: September 20, 2019
■ Model number: SSAR-040
■ Specifications: Analog record 33 rotation 180g weight board
■ Cutting engineer: Shigeru Takezawa (Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.)


The 安全地帯 BEST produced from the analog master tape of the 1980s is now revived in the ultimate analog record.

It is the best album that stereo sound company independently selected and composed 10 songs that they want to listen to in the full-fledged audio system from among many famous songs recorded in all 14 original albums released by Anzen Chitai so far.

The sound source of the recorded songs uses an analog master tape of 1/4 inch width 38cm / sec speed 2-track recording managed by Universal Music in good condition. Only one “melody” selected from the safety zone XIII uses a digital sound recording master sound source.

Shigeru Takezawa, an engineer from Nippon Columbia, who has worked hard to produce records for famous Japanese singers, has been in charge of producing the original lacquer for this record.

The analog master tape of the precious Anzen Chitai is mastered by Takezawa engineers using the Studer A80 playback machine modified by the studio’s experienced maintenance engineer and a custom-made analog console made by Nippon Columbia. .

The sound of the master tape that was awakened from the sleep of 30 years by the master’s hand was newly engraved into the lacquer board as a sound of “now” in the safety zone. The original metal master that was raised from the finished lacquer was used as a master stamper, and a 180-gram heavy machine was finished with a special press material for stereo sound.

Enjoy a full-fledged audio grade ANZEN CHITAI analog record with your favorite audio system.

[Side A]
1. To me ” V” 1986 work
2. Wine red heart ” II” 1984 work
3. Friend “V” 1986 work
4. Harmony at the end of summer “V” 1986 work
5. Continuation of dreams “IV” 1985

[Side B]
1. Premonition of love ” III” 1984
2. To you “III” 1984
3. Goodbye to sadness “IV” 1985
4. The ugly pupil Ellis “IV” 1985
5. Melody “XIII” 2011 work

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