New Reissue: Devo – ‘Recombo DNA’

Previously only available on CD format, Recombo DNA is a collection of Devo studio demos, unreleased tracks recorded by the band during 1977-2008.

It will now be available as a 4xLP colour vinyl set, pressed on ‘Petri Dish’, ‘Emergency Codes’ and Molecular Mutation’ colour variants. Also included in the package is a 3-inch mini CD of their unreleased track ‘The Somewhere Suite’, A1 colour poster, download code and liner notes from Devo’s Gerald D Casale.

It will be available from 11th August. Complete vinyl tracklist as follows:

Sequence (a)
A1. Necessary Response With Gerald Casale
A2. Recombo DNA (Demo)
A3. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (Live)
A4. Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) (Demo)
A5. Be Stiff (Alternate Mix)
A6. Pink Pussycat (Demo)
A7. Goo Goo Itch (Alternate Version)
A8. Strange Pursuit (Demo)

Sequence (b)
B1. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (Demo)
B2. Bushwacked (Prosthetic Version)
B3. Girl U Want (Demo Alternate Version)
B4. Turn Around (Demo Alternate Version)
B5. Snowball (Demo Alternate Version)
B6. Luv & Such
B7. Conscious Mutation With Mark Mothersbaugh

Sequence (c)
C1. Gates Of Steel (Demo Alternate Version)
C2. Planet Earth (Demo Alternate Version)
C3. Whip It (Demo Alternate Version)
C4. Cold War (Demo Alternate Version)
C5. Time Bomb
C6. That’s Pep (Demo Alternate Version)
C7. Mental Warfare With Gerald Casale And Mark Mothersbaugh

Sequence (d)
D1. Ton ‘O Luv (Instrumental Demo)
D2. Make Me Dance (Labeled ’Make Me Move’)
D3. Gotta Serve Somebody (Live) By Dove
D4. I Saw Jesus
D5. Psychology Of Desire (Demo)
D6. Pity You (Demo)

Sequence (e)
E1. Beautiful World (Demo)
E2. Race Of Doom (Demo)
E3. I Desire (Demo)
E4. Big Mess (Demo)
E5. Pink Pussycat (Demo)
E6. The 4th Dimension (Alternate Rough Mix)
E7. Here To Go (Alternate Rough Mix)

Sequence (f)
F1. Some Things Don’t Change (Rough Mix)
F2. Big Adventure (Rough Mix)
F3. No Noise (Rough Mix)
F4. Love Is Stronger Than Dirt
F5. Faster And Faster
F6. Modern Life
F7. We Are Unique With Gerald Casale And Mark Mothersbaugh

Sequence (g)
G1. The Only One (Demo) With Vocal By Toni Basil
G2. Baby Doll (Demo)
G3. Some Things Never Change (Demo)
G4. Plain Truth (Demo)
G5. Happy Guy (Demo)

Sequence (h)
H1. Before Baby Doll There Was Satan With Mark Mothersbaugh
H2. Satan (Pre-Baby Doll)
H3. Red Alert (Unreleased)
H4. Sad Song (Unreleased Instrumental)
H5. Mind Games (Demo)
H6. Later Is Now (Instrumental)
H7. It’s Not Nuclear Bombs You Must Fear With Booji Boy

Sequence (i)
I1. The Somewhere Suite (Studio Version Demo)

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